HadronZoo: Bespoke Software Developers
Simple But Effective. Realtime Server Solutions from HadronZoo Software.
We write high performance Linux server programs, end to end in C++ with the absolute minimum of external dependencies (usually none). These include specialist web services and websites, test platforms and backend number crunchers. All are built on our 'construction kit', a public domain C++ class library formulated for this exact purpose.
Software for the independent minded, by the independent minded
It may seem a strange thing for an outsourcing company to say but let's face facts. You don't really want to go to an outsourcing company! It is much better if you can handle your IT needs in house. Who better to go to than a company who feels exactly the same way? You only commit to one stage of development at a time. At the end of each stage you will be given the latest source code, documentation and configs and so are at liberty to take the project back in-house. Of course, if you really are independently minded, please feel free to downloadthe library and try it for yourself.
The Guiding Principle
Principle of OCCAM's Razor: 'Non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem'
Entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity. William of OCCAM (1284-1347)
Keep it simple. Software should do the necessary, the whole necessary and nothing but the necessary. And to do it, the software should only have the necessary components. It is OK if the software can do things you don't need as long as it isn't actually doing them. But it is absolutely not OK if the software is doing anything you don't know about.
Believe in Math and Physics, not in Mystique
Remember the ONLY determinant of suitability and effectiveness of software in any given scenario, is the underlying object model and algorithms employed. It can never be a function of who wrote it or how well known they are. Buy the enginerering before the brand.